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List of invited speakers by topics:

1. Single molecule technology

Dr. Jonas Tegenfeldt
Lund University, Sweden
DNA mapping in nanochannels webpage
Prof. Tom Perkins
JILA, NIST & CU-Boulder, USA
Pulling on single biological molecules: a powerful tool for studying diverse systems webpage

2. Sensing based nanotechnology

Prof. Anja Boisen
DTU Nanotech, Denmark
Nanomechanical sensors for use in environmental control, security and diagnostics webpage
Prof. Guy Voirin
CSEM, Switzerland
Nanoporous nanostructured layers applied to optical biosensing webpage

3. Imaging based nanotechnology

Dr. Tomazo Zambelli
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
FluidFM: combining AFM and microfluidics for single-cell manipulation webpage
Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet
CBS, France
New developments in BIo AFM Imaging webpage

4. Nano-objects & nanomaterial for life sciences

Prof. Dr. Martin Bastmeyer
KIT, Germany
Bio-functionalized 3D-scaffolds for cell studies webpage
Prof. Sebastien Lecommandoux
LCPO, France
Biomimetic synthetic glycoprotein-like copolymer nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery webpage

5. Nano-enabled drug delivery

Dr. Gilles Divita
CRBM, France
Peptide-based nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery webpage
Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Nanocarriers in medicine : challenges, dogmas and new horizons webpage

6. Nanotechnology for cell characterisation & tissue engineering

Prof. Dr. Lino Ferreira
CNCB, Portugal
Nanomaterials to modulate (stem) cell activity webpage
Prof. Dr. Xavier Trepat
Forces, waves, and multiscale dynamics in living tissues webpage

7. Nano-Oncology & Nanomedicine

Dr. Paul Galvin
Tyndall Institute, Ireland
Nano-enabled personalised medicine webpage
Dr. François Berger
Clinatec, France
New challenges for nanomedicine webpage

8. Nanotoxicity

Prof. Dr. Rafi Korenstein
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Current challenges of nanotoxicology webpage
Dr. François Rossi
JRC Ispra, Italy
In vitro Toxicity testing of manufactured nanomaterials: an experimental challenge webpage
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