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Abstract submission before April, 7th, 2013




15 days left !!

June, 10/12th 2013





To download the abstract template and submit click HERE
Submission deadline: April, 7th 2013
We remind you the Topics of the Conference with their invited speakers:

1. Single molecule technology
Dr. Jonas Tegenfeldt
Lund University, Sweden
DNA mapping in nanochannels
2. Sensing based nanotechnology
Prof. Anja Boisen
DTU Nanotech, Denmark
Nanomechanical sensors for use in environmental control, security and diagnostics
3. Imaging based nanotechnology
Prof. Tomazo Zambelli
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
FluidFM: combining AFM and microfluidics for single-cell manipulation
Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet
CBS, France
New developments in BIo AFM Imaging
4. Nano-objects & nanomaterial for life sciences
Prof. Dr. Martin Bastmeyer
KIT, Danemark
Bio-functionalized 3D-scaffolds for cell studies
Prof. Sebastien Lecommandoux
LCPO, France
Biomimetic synthetic glycoprotein-like copolymer nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
5. Nano-enabled drug delivery
Dr. Gilles Divita
CRBM, France
Peptide-based nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Nanocarriers in medicine : challenges, dogmas and new horizons
6. Nanotechnology for cell characterisation & tissue engineering
Prof. Dr. Lino Ferreira
CNCB, Portugal
Nanomaterials to modulate (stem) cell activity
Prof. Dr. Xavier Trepat
Forces, waves, and multiscale dynamics in living tissues
7. Nano-Oncology & Nanomedicine
Dr. Paul Galvin
Tyndall, Ireland
In progress...
8. Nanotoxicity
Prof. Dr. Rafi Korenstein
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Current challenges of nanotoxicology
Dr. Fronçois Rossi
JRC Ispra, Italy
In progress...
9. Bioanalytics
In progress...


The seven Cancéropôles are part of the French cancer research landscape, enabling at regional and inter-regional levels a better coordination of skills and resources, while breaking down barriers between sectors and disciplines. They give rise to large-scale multidisciplinary research networks and enable the emergence of innovative projects, gathering scientific, clinical, industrial communities, as well as dedicated stakeholders.
Those clusters bring together research teams from research institutions, university hospitals, cancer centers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and are supported by French Cancer Institute (INCa) and many local governments.
Their ultimate goal: to give a better understanding and definition of new diagnostic, pronostic or therapeutic ways, and to allow an accelerated transfer of innovation from research to patients.

CGSOCancéropôle Grand-Sud-Ouest (GSO) gathers the Limousin, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées et Languedoc-Roussillon Regions.

Nanomedicine is present through different approaches in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Montpellier, with national labelled centers engaged on Nanotechnology research. Researches are led in diagnosis field, biological and medical imaging, new treatments (protein engineering, drug screening), cancer therapy (hyperthermia), drug delivery and targeting. Cancéropôle is strongly engaged to increase interactions between nanotechnologists (chemist, physics experts) and oncologists.

CLARACancéropôle CLARA gathers the Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne Regions.

Nanomedicine has a long existence in the inter-region, in particular in the Grenoble area around Minatec campus (CEA, INSERM, ESRF). The recent opening of Clinatec premises will boost projects in clinical settings. Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Clermont-Ferrand are also active in the field with teams covering nanoparticle based multimodal imaging, nanotoxicity and ligand chemistry .


point According to its main objectives, NBE is going to grant industrial visibility through flash talks, stands, datings with interested researchers...

3 different levels of partner opportunities can be allowed. From the gold one which is unique to the bronze which is more linked to an industrial stand and an opportunity to join a page in the abstract book. But a partnership is built by discussion. Until we are able to know how each partner can bring its mastership, its own identity and how can we help you to succeed in it. For exemple a sponsor can promote and help the best student presentations, both oral one or poster…


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